With Cheap Gatwick Parking, Begin a Smooth Journey! 

Gatwick Airport parking can be challenging. There could sometimes not be any parking spaces available because the parking lots are full. To meet the needs of every visitor, we offer a selection of convenient and reasonably priced parking options.

We have you covered for both the North and South terminals, whether you need our short-stay or long-stay parking, Park and Ride services, or the ease of Meet and Greet parking. 

Our superb parking facilities will make you feel great when you arrive by providing the best in safety and convenience. Furthermore, we have excellent cameras monitoring your vehicle 24/7, day and night.

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Gatwick Airport Parking Options

There are many parking choices available, including Meet & Greet, Park and Ride, and On-Site Services at Gatwick Airport.

The airport terminals are most easily accessible from our on-airport parking lots. While providing seamless and cost-effective parking and free shuttle services. Our cost-effective parking choices make sure you won't have to break your budget. See below for information on our well-liked parking options at Gatwick.

Meet and Greet Parking At Gatwick 

We offer luxurious, stress-free Meet & Greet services. When you choose Meet and Greet, our experienced driver will wait for you at a designated location close to Gatwick Airport.

After that, he will park your car, so you can go to the airport. Both the Meet and Greet service, on both Gatwick Airport North and South terminals. With us, you can pre-book and save 60% off.

Park and Ride parking At Gatwick 

Our Park and Ride is a convenient and cost-effective parking service. If you have a limited budget and need to save money on parking, our park and rides are a great choice.

Compared to on-airport parking, it is farther from the airport terminals. However, a free shuttle bus is accessible, and it takes just ten minutes to go to Gatwick Airport. Additionally, a shuttle service runs between the North and South terminals.  Booking in advance will result in a discount.

On Airport Parking At Gatwick

You can park your car inside the airport's gates using this service, ensuring quick access to the terminals. With 24-hour security and surveillance in place, the well-maintained on-airport parking facilities offer safe and secure parking for your car.

Being on-site also makes it possible for a shorter walking distance to the terminals, saving you time and energy. Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, Gatwick Airport's On-Airport service provides a hassle-free parking choice to make your trip go smoothly.

Cheap Gatwick parking at South Terminal

A secured parking space at the South Terminal is available from One Stop Bee. The South Terminal offers a wide variety of parking alternatives to meet the demands of visitors. There are numerous parking options available, including meet and greet, valet, long-term, short-term, park and ride, and on-airport parking.

Cheap Gatwick parking at North Terminal

You can locate our most affordable parking offers in every parking category if you are flying out of the north terminal. Despite being built earlier than the South Terminal, the North Terminal has great parking services, such as the One Stop Bee. Our North Terminal parking options are cost-effective, safe, and close to the terminal.

Guide to Gatwick Airport
Gatwick airport has two terminals and one runway. Both of the terminals can easily be accessed by following the signboards along the roadside. Here are the directions you should need to know before leaving for the terminal.

From the North
Drive on M40, or the M1 to reach the airport quickly.

From the South
Drive on A23 northbound till you are on the M23. From M23, exit at junction 7 and follow the signboards.

From the East
Drive on M11 and merge on M25. Leave M25 for M23 and follow the signboards.

From the West
Drive on M4 to merge on M25. Exit at junction 7 and follow the signboards.

Satellite Navigation
South Terminal: RH6 0NP

North Terminal: RH6 0PJ

Facilities at Gatwick Airport

The international Gatwick Airport offers all the services required to its customers. Gatwick Airport's South and North terminals both have a variety of amenities and facilities. 

Here are a few of these facilities:

  • Back wrapping

  • Parking facilities

  • Car valeting services

  • Food and drinks

  • ATMs

  • Fast foods

  • Pre-prepared food

  • Free wifi

  • Smoking areas

  • Prayer rooms and chapel

  • Shopping

  • Porters

  • Postal services

  • Spa facilities

  • Currency exchange

  • Access for disabled

  • Family facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Information points

  • Group travel facilities

  • Toilets and showers

  • VIP services

  • Inter-terminal transport

Things to Do

Shop and Dine

Explore a wide variety of shops and restaurants, from luxury brands to local favourites. Indulge in duty-free shopping or savour international cuisine.

Relax in Lounges

If you have access, unwind in comfortable lounges equipped with amenities like refreshments, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating.

Aviation Viewing Area

Head to the South Terminal's outdoor terrace to watch planes take off and land while enjoying panoramic runway views.

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, different parking providers have different cancellation rules. It is advised that you read the terms and conditions of your reservation or get in touch with the parking provider directly to find out their cancellation policy.

Yes, we have loyalty programs and discounts available for frequent customers. Check our website for details.

Yes, our parking facilities are accessible 24/7, providing flexibility for your travel plans.

Yes, we offer convenient shuttle services to and from airports or terminals. Check our schedules on our website.