East Midlands Airport Parking

You can save 60% money at East Midlands Airport by making a booking in advance with One Stop Bee for one of the three available parking lots. Choose from the highly convenient Car Parks that are just a short walk from the terminal, or Car Parking that provide plenty of space for your vehicle.

We continuously assess our prices as a booking agency for parking to give you the best offers. Also, we continually evaluate our services to make sure they follow strict criteria for quality and client satisfaction.

If your travel plans change, you have the convenience and flexibility to update or cancel your booking with our parking services. For our customers' peace of mind, we offer 100% cash returns and discount codes.

Cheap East Midlands Airport parking options

We provide a wide range of parking services that are suited to your requirements. Each choice provides a special fusion of accessibility, security, and convenience. Make a pre-booking today to see the difference for yourself.

Meet and Greet Parking

With our Meet and Greet parking, enjoy the highest level of comfort, a hint of luxury, and affordability. Drive up to the terminal, where one of our experienced and friendly chauffeurs will be waiting for you. Give him the keys to your vehicle and drive into the check-in area.

Your vehicle will be parked in our secure, 24/7 lot, and the manager will receive the keys from our driver. When your safe is returned, he will keep the keys secure in a locked drawer. Your car will be waiting for you when you arrive back at the airport, exactly where you left it.

Park and Ride Parking

Our cheapest parking choice at East Midlands Airport is Park and Ride. We provide maximum amenities including security monitoring, CCTV cameras, and 24/7 patrols even with the lowest fees.

When returning to the check-in area, park your car in one of our lots that is nearest to the terminal. At every car park, there are shuttle buses running continuously that can take you directly to the terminal.

On Airport Parking

The best option for those looking for East Midlands Airport Parking that is close to the terminal is our on-airport parking service. You can easily walk to the airport terminal from any of our authorised parking lots. Enjoy the simplicity and ease of a quick walk to check in and a stress-free start to your trip.

Compare East Midlands Airport Parking

We provide a selection of parking services that are suited to your requirements at East Midlands Airport. Each choice provides a special combination of accessibility, security, and convenience. Make a booking today to see the difference for you.

We offer the best parking solution for you, whether you need it for a little or extended period of time. Making the appropriate parking decision might have a big impact on how you travel. You can see from our 100% customer satisfaction score that you will be our top priority.

Long Stay Parking

We provide a cost-effective way to protect your vehicle for travellers who are planning a long trip. With a speedy ride to and from the terminal provided by our dependable shuttle service, your departure and arrival will be hassle-free. You can feel comfortable knowing your vehicle is in safe hands and concentrate fully on your journey without worrying about the condition of your car.

Short Stay Parking

This parking is designed for quick visits to the terminal, as its designation implies. This mostly serves as a means of picking up and dropping off travellers at the airport. We provide these parking options as they are closest to the check-in location, in order to provide the greatest convenience.

Parking at East Midlands airport can be very expensive if you don’t book in advance. We always advice our customers to book East Midlands airport parking as far in advance as they can. East Midlands is the busiest airport so the earlier you book the greater chances you find a suitable parking space.  A wide range of budget friendly parking options we offer at East Midlands airport including convenient meet and greet, and cost-effective park and ride parking.

East Midlands airport meet and greet parking

With meet and greet valet parking you can drive straight to the terminal. Valet driver is waiting for you at airport terminal. He will park your car in secure East Midlands airport meet and greet parking.

East Midlands airport meet and greet parking isn’t as expensive as you might think. It’s often just a few pounds more than other parking options. Fill out quote form and you’ll find that how much it’ll be to upgrade your upcoming trip.

East Midlands airport park and ride parking

You’ll probably have three things in your mind while you’re choosing airport parking East Midlands, security, price and convenience. So you don’t need to look anywhere else now you’ve stumbled across East Midlands airport park and ride parking. Simply park your car and keep your car keys with you. Unload your bags, jump to the shuttle to reach airport terminal. On your return, catch the shuttle bus back to the car park. Collect your car and drive to the exit barrier.

Facilities at East Midlands Airport

  • Back wrapping

  • Parking facilities

  • Car valeting services

  • Food and drinks

  • ATMs

  • Fast foods

  • Pre-prepared food

  • Free wifi

  • Smoking areas

  • Prayer rooms and chapel

  • Shopping

  • Porters

  • Postal services

  • Spa facilities

  • Currency exchange

  • Access for disabled

  • Family facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Information points

  • Group travel facilities

  • Toilets and showers

  • VIP services

  • Inter-terminal transport

Things to Do

Brewery and Distillery Tour

If you're a fan of craft beer or spirits, consider taking a tour of the airport's brewery or distillery. You can often find tasting sessions and learn about the brewing and distillation processes.

Aviation Memorabilia

Explore the airport's aviation-themed memorabilia and displays, showcasing the history of aviation in the region.

Plane Watching Terrace

Many airports have designated outdoor terraces where you can watch planes take off and land. East Midlands Airport may have one, providing a unique perspective on aircraft movements.

Spa and Wellness

Some airports offer spa and wellness services, so you can indulge in a massage or spa treatment to relax before or after your flight.

Art Exhibitions

Check out any art exhibitions or installations that may be on display at the airport, featuring local and international artists.

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